Just before you start hiking you make yourself a lot of questions about what you decided to attend, you start hiking from Staro Sello village toward the dense forest just before it all goes dark but you decide to continue fearlessly and willingly near all those around you, proceeding with a good hiking vibe where only the finish line beyond the forest keeps your hope alive.

After getting near the mountain lodge Villa Luboten the smell of fresh food and dinner preparation refreshes our consciousness and just with a blink of an eye your energy comes back and makes it clear for you to hit the dinner so hard and celebrate that you weren't the bear's dinner that night.

A good dinner is served, a lot of songs were sang and the very last energy was wasted, this all happened on behalf of the next hiking day to Luboten peak.

The next morning catches us drinking some mountain tea, eating breakfast and preparing our gears for the mountain peak... We needed around 1h to reach the ridge of the mountain and from there the everlasting view to the top starts.

During the hike you will be seeing the cities of Tetovo, Gostivar also Ferizaj (city of Kosovo) is visible, but the peak is a total different story, just after you reach it a strong wind will hit you no matter when you hike summer or autumn, it is a welcome wind presenting you the view of two more Kosovo cities Prishtina and Prizren

We had the honor to organize this trip as #PeaktripAdventures, it was one of the many trips organized, be part of our next adventures!

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