You can travel to several mountain villages of different cities that belong to Sharr Mountain (North Macedonia and Kosovo side), but the most interesting thing is that the traditions and behavior remains the same whichever way you go.

Our rural areas possess a pure authentic traditional history that are seeking people’s ear to listen at.
Adventure and the energy vibe will be spreading through the air, you can smell it from far away but you must be part of to feel it.

Tips for a safe Hiking/ Biking trip

• You never hike/ride alone.
• Find a good trail that meets your fitness level.
• If you are not a professional, hire a local guide.
• Follow the marking trails. (red-white).
• Wear the proper hiking clothes, depending on the hiking season.

• Carry the right amount of food and water.
• Full suspension mountain bike
• Helmet is a must
• Knee and elbow protection
• Spare inner tube
• Appropriate shoes for riding
• Bike front and back light

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Mountain guide

Sadik Abdirahimi

There will be 2 guides, one the leader of the package and the second will be a local guide.

Nationality Albanian

Languages English




70 KM

Group size




• Explore the ancient villages of Tetovo and hiking the old trail that links two ancient villages.
• Try the local cuisine on the mountain villages and get to know how it is prepared.
• Hike one of the most beautiful border peaks of North Macedonia- Kosovo.
• Ride with a downhill bike a trail that links Kodra e Diellit with one of the most beautiful valleys of Sharr “Valley of Leshnica”, located on the heart of this Mountain massif.
• Sightseeing Tetovo, visit one of the most ancient mosques in the Balkans named “Painted Mosque” or local name Dzamia e Larme.

  • Mountain

    Sharr Mountain

  • Address

    Sharr Mountain, 1200 Tetovo, North Macedonia

  • Min Altitude


  • Max Altitude


  • Facilities

    All types

  • Accomodation

    Hotels and mountain huts

  • Meals

    Breakfast and dinner

  • Guides


Medium Difficulty

• 4/5 trail which can be walked by those who have been active even in mountainous areas, are regularly fit and can climb slopes.

Book from $95
ParticipantsStart dateDuration
828 / 08 / 20205 days
1005 / 11 / 20205 days
1531 / 10 / 20205 days