The trail starts just beside the information board which is located on the entrance of the village on the right side of the main road which leads you toward the village of Bozofca, but u go ahead the dirt road and start hiking for 15 minutes until u see the sign that points you on the right direction to reach Gjoli I Madh, the first part of the trail is dirty road after you pass it there is a drinking fountain where you can fill up your empty bottles or refresh it and then you pass the Karanikola river on the left side of the river flow so after this u proceed to hike the valley which will lead you to the top of it, and after a 20 minute walk west direciton on a flat terrain you get on the top of the lake with a perfect view that you’ve never ever experienced in your life but if it is November or December don’t worry we can afford you some ice skating shoes so we can skate on the thick ice.

Peaktrip version: It is one of the most beautiful hiking trails that this region can see and offer for the mountain lovers, it starts just beside the entrance of the village where the mosque is located, and we hike toward the north side ahead of the dirt road on north direction after few minutes hike we will see a table sign that tells us the exact trail direction.

There are two drinking water stations where you can fill your bottles with fresh water after you pass both of the water stations you proceed on the right side of the water flow of Karanikola river and hike on a mid slope on direction of lake Karanikola. Afterwards you reach the top of this mountain and get on a flat beautiful terrain filled full with snow flowers (Lule Bore) if we make the hike right after the last snow in the beginning of spring. After we proceed hiking on the same direction after the flat terrain the wide lake range will appear with a pure intense energy which will be felt after the lake wind will hit your face. It is reachable even on winter time but we have to make it sure that we have our proper hiking boots or snow shoes.



Length of the trail

12 KM

Group size




Panoramas and landscapes:

The first part of the trail is nice and fresh because you pass it through the tree shadows and you pass by three drinking fountain where it will help you gain energy and freshness• The second part of the trail, becomes even more interesting because u get on the real trail and start climbing through the valley of Gjoli I madh meanwhile you fit your inner peace just be walking on the left side of the river flow which makes you feel calm, after you finish up climbing there comes a flat terrain with a panoramic field of a deep cracked huge rock where you see the river fading on its deepness unhearing even the smallest sound.

Cultural and historical / characteristic sites:

Lake Kranikolichko Ezero, also known as “Gjoli I madh” is located at a height of 2.210 meters in the area of Karanikola. It is the third-largest lake in the Shar Mountain range, with an area of 26.240 m2. The view of the lake when descending is breathtaking. The wind that moves the surface of the lake can steal the attention of the visitor and aim it towards the lake. The play of colors of the lake, from light blue to dark blue, through turquoise and violet are unique to the Sharr Mountain range.

Accommodation and food:
• Local house in Veshalla village, traditional food is offered, fresh cheese, flia and bakerdar.
• Local road Tetovo – The village of Veshala, 20 km.

  • Starting Point

    Village of Veshalla 1250 masl

  • Highest point

    Lake of Gjoli I madh- 2200 masl

  • Ending point

    Village of Veshalla 1250 masl, “village house”

  • Height difference

    950 masl

  • Duration of the trail

    6.5 h

  • Length of the trail

    12 km

  • Difficulty