Village of Llaca is accesable from city of Tetovo only 15 minutes by car, you stop outside of the village and start hiking toward west-north side of the village where you will find a tight beautiful trail that passes through the dense forest and opens up on a clear wide field where we can also see a shepherd house and the autochthonous Sharri dog that guards the sheep flock.

After a two hour hike we reach Red rock located on an altitude of 1860masl, from there we will see the other part of Sharri mountain and if the weather is clear we also be able to see the highest peak Tito Peak. After we take some pictures we continue toward the cracked stone which is located on the north direction only 1.5 km away.

• Cracked Stone 1900masl:
There is always a tough wind we need to be careful, because we will start hiking the cliffs of the cracked stone which are situated like stairs toward an old cave that you can enter on it and get on the other side with the perfect view toward Kobilica peak 2528 masl.

There is also a celebration feast on this location where the boys and the girls from the nearby village of Sellce and Llaca come to celebrate the first spring day, where they gather up all together sing songs and dance with the old traditional music played from the old instruments like the Flute and Ciftelia.



Length of the trail


Group size




•Clothes and Tools:

Backpack 30L, proper hiking shoes, warm jacket (soft shell), blouse, polyester t-shirt, long hiking pants, winter hat, wind gloves, walking stick, sunglasses, sunscreen.

  • Starting Point

    Village of Llaca 850 masl

  • Highest point

    Red Stone 1860 masl

  • Ending point

    Cracked Stone 1900 masl

  • Height difference

    1050 masl

  • Duration of the trail


  • Length of the trail


  • Difficulty