Once u reach Kodra e Diellit located on 1850 masl, it is the main spot where all the hiking trails link up in between but one of the longest the most interesting trail and highest peak in Sharr mountain is Tito peak which is located on southwest of Kodra e Diellit. The peak is located on a wide open zone where you will find such a perfect view from all the positions and this peak is a little bit of more interesting because u find the Tito tower of the peak, it was built on the early 1953 which served the mountaineers on unexpected heavy weather conditions and served their needs for many years.

As the highest peak beside a lot of other difficult hiking trails this one is in the top 3 peaks most visited by too many tourists that come along. U start the hike from Kodra e Diellit toward the Geja skilift and u take it a turn on a little right and go toward a dust trail and when it takes you on the left side of it u take the first left which will direct you toward the peak of Tito, after u hike the ridge an open view opens up where u can see a lot of other peaks even Turku I vogel which is 300m air distance on the south part of Tito peak.
On the west side down the peak you will have a perfect view of the Krivoshia Lake and a panoramic view of the whole ridge which divides the Macedonian and Kosovo border.



Length of the trail

20 KM

Group size




Accommodation and food:
Once you arrive in Kodra e Diellit it is possible for you to choose either u will sleep on a tent during the summer time or make a reservation on a hotel for the winter time.

It is so easy to find accommodation on this area, but if you want to enjoy on the presence of a warm welcome, professional service for your family or friends don’t think twice and book on Scardus hotel which is the best on Kodra e Diellit. Food Is prepared on the best way u want it, u can order an Italian or traditional dish, if u drink "rakia" (local made alcohol) we recommend you the traditional dish.

  • Starting Point

    Kodra e Diellit 1800 masl

  • Highest point

    Tito Peak 2747 masl

  • Ending point

    Kodra e Diellit 1800 masl

  • Height difference

    947 masl

  • Duration of the trail


  • Length of the trail


  • Difficulty