The trail that starts from the village of Bozovca within a duration of 2 hours brings you to the valley of Leshnica located on an altitude of 1450m.

The first part of the trail connects the village of Bozovce with Leshnica through the village pastures and a dense mountain. Once the descent begins the trail penetrates a beech forest and then the whole view opens at an angle of 360 degrees and overlooks a picturesque perspective surrounded by the cliffs of many high peaks.

The second part of the trail continues to Kryeshoja waterfall through the valley of the third and second stone or more precisely between “Gjini Beg” and “Kepi Nermen” and after crossing the waterfall we follow the path along the river which gives us many different views where one of them is Titos Peak.

If you are lucky along this trail you will be able to see wild goats up the steep cliffs. The trail ends with Kryeshoja Waterfall also its freshness from the speeding stream makes it visitable even in hot summer times.



Length of the trail

15 KM

Group size




Clothes and Tools:
Backpack 30L, proper hiking shoes, warm jacket (soft shell), blouse, polyester t-shirt, long hiking pants, winter hat, wind gloves, walking stick, sunglasses, sunscreen.

  • Starting Point

    Fshati Bozovc- 1350m

  • Highest point

    Ujvara e Leshnicës- 1560m

  • Ending point

    Lugina e Leshnicës- 1480m

  • Height difference


  • Duration of the trail


  • Length of the trail


  • Difficulty