A multiple day journey touching two different countries in several days, going through a veil of darkness cloaks the natural beauty of caves. Some are found in cliffs at the edge of the coastline, chipped away by the relentless pounding of waves. Other caves are formed in glaciers where melt water carves tunnels at the beginning of its journey to the sea.
The beauty of waterfalls and the rainy drops beneath it refreshes your consciousness and drains your mind from stress and air pollution for the long living years in urban areas.

Hiking viewpoints of many peaks, traditional journeys through different villages will make you remember of the old living times of many forgotten years ago. Delicious food, homemade wine and local rakia will be served parallel with every meal of the day.

We welcome you all!

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Mountain guide

Sadik Abdirahimi, UIMLA

There will be 2 guides, one the leader of the group and the second will be a local guide on the North Maceonian side and also Albania.

Nationality Albanian

Languages English




Group size




Caves and waterfalls of these different places will blow your mind away, visit and share your experience!

  • Countries

    North Macedonia, Albania

  • Cities

    Skopje, Tetovo, Mavrovo, Elbasan

  • Accomodation

    Hotels and hostels

  • Meals

    Breakfast and dinner

  • Guides


Medium Difficulty

• 4/5 trail which can be walked by those who have been active even in mountainous areas, are regularly fit and can climb slopes.

Book for $95
ParticipantsStart dateDuration
828 / 08 / 20203 days
1005 / 11 / 20203 days
1531 / 10 / 20203 days