This is a multiple day journey through the raw beauty of steep mountains, deep canyons, caves onto the opened wide mountain reefs with many starry skies.
We are promoting authentic local stories that need to meet the surface and be told to those who pay us a visit.
Enjoy our 5 stars tent hotels under the clear starry skies.

7 days and 6 nights

Day 1: Team up and overnight in Skopje.

Day 2:City spots visiting and cave exploring.
• Visiting touristic city spots of Skopje.
• Explore and travel around the city center of Skopje old bazaar and get to know with the local culture.
• Explore the canyons of Matka, kayak the big range lake that is known worldwide for its unknown deepness.
• Transfer to Tetovo’s ski center Popova Shapka (Kodra e Diellit).
• Overnight on a hotel.

Day 3: Hike the highest peak of Sharr mountain “Tito’s peak 2747 masl
• Hike the highest peak of Sharri’s mountain “Tito’s peak” with an altitude of 2747 masl.
• Descending to ski resort Popova Sapka.
• Taste the authentic local cuisine and get to know the way how it is prepared.
• Overnight on the same ski resort.

Day 4: Riding around Mavrovo’s artificial lake.
• Lunch pockets during the activity.
• Bike trip around Macedonia’s largest artificial lake “Mavrovo Lake”
• Driving back to the village of Jance,
• Traditional North Macedonian meal, live cooking with a local chef.
• Overnight at a hotel (Jance village).

Day 5: Hiking, Off-Road & Mountain Bike in “Fushe Studen” Village
• Drive for about 1 hours with Off-road Cars to the starting of the hiking trail in FusheStuden..
• Hike up for about 2h 30min to Ice Caves.
• Ride the Shebenik-Jablanica National Park by mountain bike on a light trail inside the forest.
• The spectacular views of Fushe Studen Lake where we can cool off by swimming in the clear clear water.
• Visit to the visitor center at Shebenik-Jabllanice National Park.
• Overnight on the “JOEN VILLAGE” resort.

Day 6: Hike, Camping& Stargazing in Kallkan Mountain 2189m & Green Belt EU
• Visit "Llang Village", among its 300-year-old homes.
• Hike the highest peak of Kallkan's mountain with an altitude of 2189 masl.
• Bulding camping tent, light the fire for barbecues.
• Prepare for a unique test by looking at the stars and planets, horoscope signs with professional telescopes.
• Overnight at the Camping.

Day 7: Hiking & Bird Watching in UNESCO Valley- Rrajce Skenderbej-Lake Rrajce
• Hike the highest peak of Unesco Valley with an altitude of 2253 masl.
• Visit to forests more than 300 years old protected by UNESCO.
• Descending to Ryen field & Skenderbeg scale.
• Overnight at the Ohrid Lake .

Tips for a safe Hiking trip:
• You never hike/ride alone.
• Find a good trail that meets your fitness level.
• If you are not a professional, hire a local guide.
• Follow the marking trails. (red-white).
• Wear the proper hiking clothes, depending on the hiking season.

Gears & equipments:
Backpack 25/ 30L, hiking boots, hiking comfort trousers, rain jacket, sweatshirt, polyester t-shirts x2, hat, gloves, hiking sticks, sunglasses, sun cream.

Food during hikes: Prepared food for a meal at the top (from the mountain hut or hotel), 2L of water, dried healthy food, chocolates, candies ect.

NOTE: During the hike you always follow all the instructions from the mountain guide for a safe climbing.

Hikers whom will not follow the instructions and suffer any injury, the guide will not take any responsibilities.